At the right time in the right place with the right message.

Awareness is everything

We bring products and brands to the media and create awareness.

BRAND SOCIETY is a PR Agency that places products, companies and services into the media. We works for SMEs, hidden champions and DAX corporates. Our fields are Lifestyle, Luxury, Tech, Log, IT, Finance, Real Estate, Health and Travel. We live digitalization every minute.


Blogger relations are part of content marketing like salt in the soup. Only through external opinions and the involvement of multipliers content marketing becomes covetous.


CSR is the corporate responsibility that can be local, international or project-related. The topics are versatile and it is part of the good image of a company.


Press work is based on the same principles as the journalistic work. Texts and pictures are always well researched and absolutely correct in their statement.


Events with the right story emotionally link the product information with the brand. Good planning in advance, selected customers and media relevance give the best result.


PR is the professional relationship between the public and the business. Public relations also refers to internal communication and promotes motivation.


Content is King! "Said Bill Gates in 1996 (sic!). Nothing has changed to this day. On the contrary, content is more important than ever. Truth suggests advertising.


Branding makes a brand a strong head. In doing so, services and products are provided with concrete messages and coherent emotions. This gives power and strength.

Social Media

Social media enables brands and companies to grab the attention of millions of viewers or readers with good ideas or appropriate messages. In dialogue.