Ines Felicitas Rittner

Ines Felicitas Rittner brings abundant know-how and solid experience both at agency and point of the company to the fore. She has long standing knowledge of the international marketing and communication branch and many years of extensive experience at advertising, literature, brochures, conceptions as well as publishing projects. Beyond that, sportmarketing and events are to […]

Przemyslaw Henzske

Kathrin Bregulla

She has been in the communication industry for over 20 years, creating both b2b and b2c campaigns. Below and above the line. Main focus always lies on the efficiency of all measures. Major/Most sectors include direct sales, Publishing Groups and clinics / health as well as financial services. References are, among others, AEG, GeldKarte / […]

Dominik Lommer

Seit über 20 Jahren ist er als freier Art- und Creative Director in der Kommunikationsbranche mit Schwerpunkt Corporate Identity tätig. Seine Arbeiten liegen im Bereich b2b und b2c. Referenzen hat er in den Branchen Healthcare & Dental, Sport, Hotellerie & Gastronomie, Kultur und Finanzdienstleistung. In Zusammenarbeit mit einer Münchener Werbeagentur hat er unter anderem für […]